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The former capital of
  the roman province of
  upper moesia
Photos of the
  ruins of Viminacium
  (August 2004)

Photo album
Photographs of Klicevac
  under snow (winter
Photographs of the
  commemoration of
  centenary of the church

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Welcome to the website of Klicevac in Stig

This website gives an impression of the beauty of Kicevac. We hope that this brief introduction will impress you and inspire you to visit this beautiful village.

Klicevac is situated in the Balkan peninsula, approximately 100 Km east of the capital of Serbia, Belgrade. This village of 1500 inhabitants is on the shores of the river Danube, a second largest European river. It is distant from 24km of the town of Pozarevac. The town of Kostolac situated near Viminacium, the former capital of the roman province of upper moesia is distant from 8km and the fortress of Ram, build by the Turkish at the end of XV century, is distant from 9km.

Klicevac on map of Balkans

Klicevac is the birthplace of the voïvode Milenko Stojkovic, hero of the first Serb insurrection against the Turkish occupant.

Klicevac is known for archeological sites of prehistoric, Roman and old-Slavic time. One of the great finds is the idol of Klicevac, it is a clay statuette found in 1881 and dating from the age of bronze (1500 to 1000 before our era).

Ethnically, Klicevac's county is mainly populated by the Serbs.

In seventies, many people temporarily immigrated to Western European countries, mainly Italy, Austria, Germany and France.

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